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Welcome to PARADISIO Imaginarium where you will be taken on a journey to strange and far-away lands. Rediscover those old treasures that we've reworked for your enjoyment: posters from the travels of Great Explorers, scientific studies or artistic works from the past.

PARADISIO Imaginarium brings into the modern world a universe of things original, sometimes strange and quirky.

Graphic art posters, old plates of biological illustrations, several choices of framing, LED lighting, we offer a wide choice to suit most needs and customise your home decor.

Let your imagination run wild and picture your walls adorned with our varied illustrations,

customised to your own tastes.


We, at PARADISIO imaginarium, are proud to present high-end finished products at an affordable price and of a modular design. We trust that they will correspond to what you desire for yourself and your home decor.

We print our illustrations on high-quality paper and use the finest inks with an extremely-high pigment count, thus ensuring that our prints are of the highest quality in colours and details. 

Our illustrations come in several formats: 13cm x 18cm - 24cm x 30cm - 30cm x40cm - 50cm x 70cm - 70cm x100cm - 100cm x140cm, 100cm x 150cm - and five different framing styles : oak, wood veneer in the following finishes: white or black and aluminium painted silver or gold. 

 We also offer an optional system of LED mood lighting affixed to the back of our largest frames (oak only). Our frames are assembled in France while the wood and aluminium are sourced in Europe.

 Where to find us

De Bouche à Oreille 26, Rue du Roi de Sicile, Le Marais 75004 Paris  

NGR 40 bis, rue des Boulainvilliers, 75016 Paris

CABOODLE  61, Avenue de Suffren, 75007 Paris

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