A m b i a n c e L E D | PARADISIO Imaginarium

We also offer as an option a system of LED mood lighting affixed to the back of our largest frames: 100cm x 140cm and 100cm x 150cm. 

This mood lighting will create a soft, ambient atmosphere, surrounding the frame with a beautiful halo of diffuse light.


To purchase this option, go to E-SHOP, search for product specification and click on "Format". 

Available only for the pictures that can be purchased in our largest sizes:

100cm x140 cm and 100cm x 150c

LED ribbon tape -IP65 - Warm White 3000°K - 48w/12v, 30 000 hours life-span 

mains cable and black-coloured transformer, 2m long 

a low-voltage transformer is supplied, which can be plugged into any type of mains outlet.